Anmore is a semi-rural residential community situated North of Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, with an approximate population of 2,160. Folks started "homesteading" as early as Sept 9, 1914, but it wasn't incorporated until Dec 7th, 1987.
This project is funded by the B.C. Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development in celebration of Anmore's 25th Anniversary!
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Friday, 9 November 2012

From Ioco to Anmore

By Bobbi Hunter
3 minutes 13 seconds

Bobbi Hunter -  one of the founding members of Greenpeace, with her husband Bob -remembers her carefree childhood living in both Ioco and Anmore BC. 

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  1. Hello Bobbi, I also grew up in Anmore, and I remember Mr. Pepper who owned the trout farm, my fondest memories are there in Anmore, I remember the Chat Family and The Nelson Family, my Dad Owen Worden dug a gigantic pond in front of our home and he built a walk way over the pond. My sister was Linda, and Nancy and brother Ronnie Worden, we lived there from the late 1940's to about 1960-my heart never left Anmore. We all attended Ioco Elem. and my sister Linda was May Queen, her friend was Susan Spooner. Would be wonderful to connect. Thank you.